Who am I?

Remember, it is far too easy to get distracted in this life. Before we know it, we can quickly lose our way, and a life once purpose-driven can easily become ensnared in the endless pursuit for more.

  • More money
  • More happiness
  • More stuff

It’s an endless cycle where we turn each moment of joy into an obsession for something more than what we already have in abundance. The truth is that there’s never enough of anything when we’re ensnared in this clever trap. So, we hurry on. We race to acquire every fantasy with the hope that it will satisfy this void in our heart.

It won’t.

This entire time that you’ve been working yourself haggard—the sleepless nights—the missed family and quiet time—it was all in vain. All you accomplished was to squander an irreplaceable gift by creating an unending cycle of stress rather than freeing yourself from it.

Who needs that?

Do you really need all this stuff—all these goals or possessions and the debts that come with it? When will you realize that it’s all an elaborate scheme to keep you from focusing on what matters?

So, you focus on this feeling—a false need—like a craving for something sweet. You feel this unquenchable thirst to fill your life with the fleeting joy of owning something new or accomplishing something great. But the thirst never leaves. You crave still greater achievements and grander prizes.

If you stop and reflect, if you take the time to really look at yourself—to talk to yourself—you may recognize that the truth is simple. You just don’t know who you are anymore.

You’re an empty shell. You’ve never taken the time to understand why you’re here on this world. You’ve never been given the chance to sit still and simply exist as who you are—with no expectations. You’ve spent your every waking moment trying to be something more, because that’s what you were taught to do.

  • Learn this.
  • Do that.
  • Look like this.
  • Wear that.
  • Say this.
  • Don’t say that.

We never learned to really think for ourselves. We’re so focused on being told what to know and what to believe that it’s no wonder we’re lost.

  • Google can’t tell you how you feel.
  • Twitter can’t tell you who you are.
  • Instagram can’t make you like yourself.

We’re so disconnected from ourselves that we seek validation everywhere but inside. We’re left trying to fill a void of consciousness that only self-reflection can ever find.

You have to recognize that filling your life with objects, memories and others’ opinions will not bring meaning to your life. It will, however, steal time and give you nothing in return. Learn to live your life. Make your decisions define who you are by answering these timeless questions.

  • “Who am I?”
  • “Why am I here?”
  • “What is my purpose?”

Let your actions define you. Only they can show you who you truly are in the end.

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