Book Review – The Secret of the Ages (1975 Revised Edition)

It is Mind that rules the world. —R. Collier

This is one of the historic self-help texts you actually want to love before you even start to read it. Unfortunately, the truth is the anticipation in this case was better than the actual experience. It’s funny how often that’s true in life.

You open the book and end up struggling through it—and no matter the ending—you know you’re going to be disappointed. However, my theory this time isn’t to fault the work itself. I’m placing the blame on the revisions in the 1975 edition and not the original 1926 text.

I’ve heard amazing things about the original work, and I can clearly see how this one has started arguments that it was the source material for Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. I’m not going to contribute to that argument here however. What I can say is that I’ve listened to the original text on Audible and compared it to the 1975 edition I read. There’s clearly a difference which favors the original text. Next, I’ll find a copy of the 1926 edition and write another review on its value as a standalone piece.

Here’s what I can see that really highlights the value this text played in the psychology of positive thinking movement. Collier’s original contribution set the stage for our modern re-obsession with the Law of Attraction mentality. What I appreciate most is the author’s enthusiastic approach to truly driving his formula for success into the mind of the reader.

For Collier, the only limitations men face are the ones they inflict upon themselves through their mental attitudes. Your thoughts then become the gateway to your physical and emotional success in the newly industrialized world of 1926.

Bottom line—avoid this edition and wait for my review on the original text. If you’re a fan of Positive Thinking or the Law of Attraction add this one to your shopping list.

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